Fluffmonger Children’s Book Part 2: An Introduction to the Characters, Plus a Free Coloring Page!

Fluffmonger Children’s Book Part 2: An Introduction to the Characters, Plus a Free Coloring Page!

This is the second post in the series. You can read the first post here.

It’s been a few weeks since I announced the children’s book I’m working on featuring some of my plush characters. I’ve been steadily dyeing and sewing outfits for the main characters to wear as well as painting lots of scenery. Between the piles of fabric and all the foam board cutouts I’ve made, I can barely move in my studio! Even with three large tables, my only usable workspace right now is a cardboard box on the floor; and the only way in and out of my studio is by crawling under a table! I can’t complain, though, because I’m having so much fun!

I’m far along enough in the process that I think it’s finally time to reveal the characters who will be appearing in the children’s book! The three characters I have chosen are Falafel the Llama, Griwsold the Sheep, and Baxter the Horse!

Some of you are already familiar with Falafel, Baxter, and Griswold, but for those of you who aren’t:

Falafel the Llama fluffmonger children's book
Despite being clumsy, Falafel the Llama loves doing yoga! He can only do a few poses because most, like downward dog, are impossible due to his long neck.
Griswold the Sheep fluffmonger children's book
Griswold the Sheep enjoys drinking fair trade coffee from the local café. You’ll usually see him sitting by himself, though, due to his social anxiety. He often tucks into his cowl neck sweater when he feels overwhelmed.
Baxter the Horse fluffmonger children's book
Baxter the Horse is a total foodie who loves to go shopping for groceries at his local co-op.  He’s been asked to leave on a few occasions for getting caught with his head in the bulk bins munching on his favorite organic snacks.

Falafel has a special place in my heart because he is the first organic stuffed animal I ever made. Griswold and Baxter were the second and third. I designed them with simple features so I could make them entirely with organic and eco-friendly materials.  Over time, I’ve learned a few tricks that have allowed me to make more complex designs without synthetic fabric, but I still favor the original three characters.  Each of their personalities has a little bit of me in them (clumsy, anxious, obsessed with the bulk bins at the health food store), and their simple features complement the minimalist black and white scenery I enjoy making.

In the children’s book, Falafel will be the protagonist, and his two friends, Baxter and Griswold, will be supporting characters. I’ll be revealing more about the story line for the book in my next blog post in the series!

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For a free Falafel the Llama coloring page, click the thumbnail below!

Falafel the Llama Coloring Page thumbnail fluffmonger®

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  1. Can’t wait!!!! So excited to read the book and see your illustrations!

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  3. That’s so lovely. I cannot wait to see more and to buy a copy of your book ! Enjoy making it ! 😉

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