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About fluffmonger Organic Plush Toys

Hi, I’m Jenny! Welcome to Fluffmonger!

As a child, I was fascinated with stuffed animals and pop-up books.  I loved painting murals on my bedroom walls and making 3-dimensional decorations to make me feel like I was inside the world of a children’s book.  I always imagined that I would grow up to be an artist; but as I grew older, I realized helping people was what brought me the most joy.

Looking for a way to combine my passions for art and helping people, I naturally went into teaching art after I finished college.  I taught in public schools for 4 years but had to leave my job due to an auto-immune disorder in 2012.

After not seeing improvement through conventional medicine, I started looking into natural ways to improve my health.  I switched to a whole food organic diet, replaced my personal and household products with natural alternatives, and sought alternative medicine.  My health began improving, and I started feeling well enough to take up a hobby.  That’s when I got into sewing.

There was something about the process of sewing that really drew me in.  The first day I learned how to sew, I ended up sewing for 17 hours!  I started with a pair of pajama pants then moved on to making pillows.  As I started looking for sewing patterns, I found ones for stuffed animals.  I couldn’t believe that it was possible to make your own stuffed animals at home!  I bought a few patterns at the store and on Etsy, then I quickly went into making my own designs.

Since changing to a more natural lifestyle had such a dramatic improvement on my quality of life, I knew that I wanted to use materials that were mindful of the environment as well as the people who produced and used them. When I started Fluffmonger in 2014, I decided to make plush toys with organic fabric that I hand-dyed as well as organic thread and eco-friendly stuffing.  I also wanted to incorporate my love for children’s books into my designs, so I often make illustrated scenes for each character to live in.



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