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Spring Stuffed Toys — Baby Chick, Chubby Bunny, and Fluffy Lamb Plush Sewing Patterns in 2 Sizes!

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of spring, I’ve updated my Chubby Bunny pattern to include a pattern for making tiny chubby bunnies! I’ve also made two additional PDFs for a baby chick and fluffy lamb plush sewing pattern! All three PDF patterns—the Fluffy Lamb, Baby Chick, and Chubby Bunny—come in two sizes and can be […]

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Dinosaur and Dragon Lovey Sewing Pattern

I’m excited to announce the release of my first sewing pattern and tutorial! This 2-in-1 pattern for a cuddly dinosaur or dragon lovey blanket has been over two years in the making. I initially released it as an already made item, and it was my best seller during the brief period of time that I […]