Custom Teddy Bear

Custom Teddy Bear

Today I finished up a custom teddy bear I’ve been working on for a repeat customer in the United Kingdom.  After searching for a bear with a specific look with no luck, she brought her ideas to me with the hopes that I could bring them to life.


Custom Teddy Bear Prototypes 6797
She wanted an asymmetrical bear with a pale caramel-colored body and a dark caramel-colored snout and paws. I went through three prototypes before getting the bear fat enough and with just the right amount of wonkiness to its features.


Organic Fabric fluffmonger 6710
I dyed hemp/organic cotton jersey for the sweater and organic cotton sherpa for the body.


Custom Teddy Bear fluffmonger 6658
Sewing on the nose.


Custom Teddy Bear Organic 6764
I like his wonky ears and slightly lopsided eyes, but his crooked mouth is my favorite part.


Bear Pockets - Organic Custom Teddy Bear Detail 6772
His sweater has little pockets for his tiny paws.


Custom Teddy Bear Organic fluffmonger 6839
The sherpa fabric stretched more than I had anticipated, so the final bear ended up being quite a bit fatter than the prototype. Here he is with his hang tag. The back of the tag has a personalized story for the bear written by the customer.


I had a lot of fun making this custom teddy bear.  He’ll be heading off to his new home later this week!

Custom Teddy Bear Collage fluffmonger

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