A New Fat Dinosaur Friend – Snert the T-Rex

A New Fat Dinosaur Friend – Snert the T-Rex

A fat dinosaur has been on my wishlist of things to make since I first learned how to sew. After finishing up some final orders for the year, I decided to finally take the time to design one.


Fat dinosaur sketch fluffmonger
I came up with Snert, a fat, mouth-breathing T-Rex with a sinus problem. I gave Snert a hoodie so he can bundle his head in cold weather and have a pocket for stashing fat dinosaur treats!


stuffed dinosaur prototypes fluffmonger 6150
I went through four prototypes before I was ready to sew the final fat dinosaur. The legs and feet gave me so much difficulty that I was half-tempted to scrap them and start over with a simpler pattern. In the end I’m glad I decided to stick with them because they really help convey his fatness!


fat dinosaur organic stuffed animal fluffmonger
Since Snert is a mouth-breather, I felt that he needed an overbite. The mouths on the first three prototypes weren’t convincing enough, so I changed the location of his teeth and added nostrils to give him the look I was going for.


fat dinosaur detail fluffmonger
Snert’s pocket also helps keep his his little T-Rex hands warm!


Fat Finosaur Organic Materials fluffmonger
Snert is made with organic cotton and hemp fabrics that I hand dyed. I gave this Snert embroidered eyes to make him safe for all ages, but I plan to make a few as collectibles with glass eyes.


You can find Snert here in my Etsy shop! I hope to have him available in more colors and fabrics in the near future!

organic stuffed dinosaur fluffmonger

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  1. Snert! How perfect! He turned out great! and of course he’s irresistible in the purple hoodie!

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